Josh Matthews is an international symbol of delight, transcending time, space, and gustatory perception. He is a clown, a physical comedian, a writer, a teaching artist, a sometimes roommate and a brand new friend. He taught me about hygge (pronounced hooga), a Danish word suggesting a cozy, copacetic vibe. We smoke hygge hookah at Kybher Pass, an Afghani restaurant famous to Josh for being a cozy zone and famous to me for being the coolest place in New York City, according to the first love of my life Kelsey. Snuggle up with some boulani kadu and sink in to this fabulous conversation.

Be sure to check out Josh’s theater company Under The Table Ensemble Theatre. Immediately.



The post cozy carnage at Khyber Pass

josh as paul

Josh Matthews as Paul in Under The Table Ensemble Theatre’s “The Hunchbacks of Notre Dame.”


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