Illustration by Tim Manley

COZY ZONE with Ben Weber
Creator, Host, Producer, Editor 

How do you do cozy?
Maybe it’s wooly socks and a mug of spiked cider by a crackling fire…
Maybe it’s scribbling in a journal on a rough-hewn wood table at a bustling coffee shop…
Maybe it’s weeping softly in someone else’s bed…
As an anxious artist living in New York City for the past 15 years, all I want to know is where to find a place that is safe enough to dream. So I ask my beloveds to invite me into their cozy zones to chat about feelings, fears, and art dreams.




Logo by Tim Palin

Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie

Producer, Editor

I’m a teaching artist working for Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn Arts Council, and The New Victory Theater. That means I harness my creative knowledge and passion as an artist to invite and ignite art making with young people. My friend and colleague Courtney, Director of Education / School Engagement at The New Victory Theater KNOWS teaching artistry and has created a podcast to unite us all. Part talk show, part oral history, part training manual, and part journal of the resistance, “Teaching Artistry” strives to both document and exalt our sweet, valuable field.






Photo by Anthony Collins