On Saturday June 6, 2015 I spent the day in one of my coziest zones: FIGMENT NYC on Governors Island. On Side C, I become a Citizen of Earth!

Artist Nick Kozak, transforms an old officer’s house into a place for the people of the world to register their global citizenship. Here’s what Nick says about the project:

“This project will invite Figment visitors to become fully recognized Citizens of Earth, no matter their current documentation status. Through this project, I hope to bring global awareness and unity to ALL humans of ALL walks of life in an effort to diminish the barriers that divide us. These barriers may be socio-economic, national, or racial, but our strength as a species will always be found in what makes us similar, not what makes us different. Citizens of Earth will stand united in the face of countless categorizations, as we grow to maturity on our lovely planet.”

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