Ellice is a sweet friend from Cedarburg, WI  I met in Brooklyn. She makes me laugh and feel loved.

Image: A View from Ellice’s Nice Office Bathroom

Follow along with these gorgeous tracks:
TRACK 1: Intro Themesong by Danny Townsend
TRACK 2: Circlesong “Collom Balem” by Ben Weber
TRACK 3: Intro by Ben Weber
TRACK 4: Embracing the Chaos
TRACK 5: Prakruti
TRACK 6: Kapha Vata
TRACK 7: Captain Ben
TRACK 8: Why Tarot?
TRACK 9: Hurt Now, Comfort Later
TRACK 10: Outro by Ben Weber
TRACK 11: Outro Themesong by Danny Townsend

Here is Ellice’s bio from her healing practice Brooklyn Whole Health:

ELLICE PLANT is dedicated to developing wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Her studies and practice led her to the teachings of Dr. Naina Marballi, who initiated Ellice into Ayurvedic teachings. As a certified holistic health counselor, Ellice feels honored to further her own learning through guiding others to whole health and understanding. As a social worker, Ellice works toward systemic change that makes liberation is accessible for all. In these practices, Ellice is continuously reminded that the anti-violence and anti-oppression work of the world happens on the individual level, first.

Ellice works with individuals, families, and groups as they work to transform patterns and purpose. Our work together examines areas including relationship status, gender identity and expression, health, and career. The thirteen years Ellice spent teaching high school give her special insight with adolescents and their caregivers. As a cisgender queer woman, Ellice has both personal and professional experience in creating healthy, nourishing spaces for queer and trans people and those who love them.

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