Stephen Sheffer is an actor, a writer, a singer, a doer, and a tall, sweet handsome. I had the privilege to cozy up to Stephen in Prospect Park to talk about our child artist selves, the outdoors, and fear.

Enjoy these tracks!

TRACK 1: Intro Themesong by Danny Townsend
TRACK 2: Circlesong “Post Boos” by Ben Weber
TRACK 3: Intro by Ben Weber
TRACK 4: Benevolant Ex
TRACK 5: Pitch My Tent
TRACK 6: Apprehended in Prospect Park
TRACK 7: I’m Canadian
TRACK 8: Professional Child Artist
TRACK 9: Amahl and the Night Visitors
TRACK 10: Outro by Ben Weber
TRACK 11: Outro Themesong by Danny Townsend

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