Renata Melillo Townsend is a fierce inspiration. She is a theater maker, a puppeteer, an applied theater practitioner, an arts administrator, a newlywed, and a dreamer. For our cozy zone, Renata invited me to the Kingdom of the Arts: Lincoln Center.  Enjoy Side B!

Track One: You Have a Dark Power
Track Two: Family Affirmations
Track Three: Newly Wed
Track Four: Connection!
Track Five: He’s My Knight in Shimee Armeer

Listen to all the sides of Episode 45: Renata Melillo Townsend at Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza.

3 thoughts on “EPISODE 45: Renata Melillo Townsend at Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza SIDE B

  1. Just completed Side A. Slight correction:
    It was ‘Cinderella’ but it was a stage production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein version. BTW, after the show we went to a restaurant near Carnegie Hall which had
    about two hundred representations of the human nose in the upstairs dining room.
    It was not as gross as it sounds. During the meal, Al Pacino, circa ‘Carlito’s Way’, came in
    caused a stir almost as distruptive as you did.
    The podcast has a beautiful sound and it feels like a cozy zone. Love the theme song.
    Side B, here I come.

  2. Thanks so much for your careful listening, your correction, and your kind words, Dennis! Hope you listen to all the zones!!

  3. Ben, I love the format of the tracks. It helps organize a free flowing discussion and it’s fun to read through the “album” before you start listening. You are also a great listener, picking up threads and probing deeper. There were so many important themes of young, responsible adulthood emerging from these two interviews. I look forward to listening to more from Cozy Zone.

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