Terrance Brown is a master of fitness. He visits Planet Fitness five to six times a week. Terrance is also an attractive, caring, thoughtful, and generous man. He will train you through his company Okami Fitness. Please enjoy our intense, courageous, vulnerable, and moving conversation!

TRACK 1: Intro Themesong by Danny Townsend
TRACK 2: Circlesong by Ben Weber
TRACK 3: Intro by Ben Weber
TRACK 4: I’m Not Really A Gym Goer
TRACK 5: Planet Fitness Gym At Prospect Park
TRACK 6: Origin Story – I Don’t Ever Want To Be This Weak
TRACK 7: Underground Cage Fighting
TRACK 8: Should We Face Our Weakness?
TRACK 9: Outro by Ben Weber
TRACK 10: Outro Themesong by Danny Townsend

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